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It's time to play the mini-game. I'm still not deciding

by Wei weismart 28 Jul in Boating 0 Comments 51 Views

You need Planks (Of the kind of wood that RS gold you're making your ship out of) an nail, hammer, and saw. The frame comes in three sizes. Small Medium, Large or Small. Small frames are 10k, medium frames 50k and large frames are 100k. When the frame is completed it is time to begin fixing the planks to it. You will need around 100 planks to finish the outside of your boat. You can add more boats to your collection as you advance at a higher level. You can increase size of your boat or even purchase a second boat. You should think about it. A whole fleet of boats that you control (If you're wealthy at least).

After you have completed the exterior of your vessel, you can begin to build the interior. You can pay a work crew to construct decks, cabins for crews (Crews will be explained later) and different rooms (Most types of construction rooms). This can be done with steel bars or planks. A wheel that is included with the frame is an important tool. Once that is done then you can begin building rooms by climbing an incline. One deck is located on the lower portion of the small vessel (formerly known as the frame).

Medium ship has 2 lower decks and the large ship can have up to 3 lower decks. Now , if you'd like to have a crew on board, you could. They're like servants in construction but preform different duties. There is a navigator, cook as well as a cannon-man (Operates weapons in mini-games - described in a future post) or a repairman to fix your ship. It is your responsibility to pay your crew money and provide them with crew quarters. If you decide to go out on the sea, you are able to also store your supplies, such as alchohal and food items. When you head out into the sea, you won't be attacked by other players ships but you can be stopped and searched by a security vessel.

In order to ensure that you do not transport weapons or persons who are not yours, they can board your vessel. But you can get passengers on board who pay a fee of up to 10k , depending on the size of the boat. Any Runescape port can be reached by. BTW You CANNOT Summon Familiars or any other. Pets are not allowed on the boat of another person or on your vessel. If you depart your ship and do not return the ship, your crew and vessel remain in port. The crew is not able to board your ship. Except if you dismiss the crew, do not pay them, or they are unhappy with the conditions on your vessel (e.g. there isn't enough food, too small sleeping spaces and so on.), nobody can access your vessel.

It's time to play the mini-game. I'm still not deciding on a name for the mini-game at this point, so I will look at some ideas. This is a dangerous mini-game. This is NOT an MULTI-COMBAT AREA! Example: You're traveling with three ships. One of cheap OSRS gold your ships is armed. One of your vessels is allowed to engage it. It is impossible for the other vessels to engage it, board it or engage it in any way.