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The video with the highest number of votes

by Wei weismart 20 Aug in Boating 0 Comments 59 Views

There are two types of cooking: cooking fish/meat and cooking bread/pies/stews/pizzas/cakes. Raw fish/meats can be more profitable than those cooked. This RS gold is due to the fact that people appreciate the enjoyment cooking, more than cash, which is why they spend more money to purchase raw fish. Cooking fish or meat isn't profitable.

On the other hand cooking bread/pies/pizzas/stews/cakes is very profitable. They are very profitable since you don't have to spend cash for these items. A bowl (4 coins), potatoes (free from the farmer), and some meat (free) are all you require to cook stew. You paid 4 coins to buy the stew bowl, which will now be worth 163 coins. You just gained the sum of 159 coins. It's not a huge amount, but it accumulates quickly.

The process of runningecrafting is simply the transformation of pure essence or runes into runes. It's only profitable for members since they have access to the most powerful runes, which cost a lot. Non-members are unable to make the six runes that are essential to any game (Earth and Air Water, Fire, and Body) that are almost worthless.

There are those who would argue for going to Demonic Ruins, I disagree. The closest bank is far away.

The competition is open today and you have until the closing date of 25th August to submit your videos to the YouTube website. Andrew Gerhard, Mark Gerhard, and some video-hungry members from the Community Management team will shortlist five finalists after all entries are received. The five selected videos will be featured in a RuneScape Weekly Poll, which allows the community to choose their top choice.

The video with the highest number of votes will be declared winner. The winner will be invited to Jagex Games Studio for an all-expenses-paid trip. They will also get to meet the designers and creative individuals who make RuneScape come to life. Then, we'll send them away with an armful of signed Jagex goodies. The four runners-up will bag some memberships, signed t-shirts, mugs, mouse mats mice, and other items.

Please note that videos can be created within RuneScape. Live action is not machinima. Postbag or Gallery emails will not accept submissions. For a full list of rules and conditions, and to see an example video from TehNoobShow, subscribe to our YouTube page at This forum thread has some great suggestions and answers to your cheap RuneScape gold questions. We can't wait to start checking out the content of your imaginative brains.