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It's funny that they've cleaned it up

by Wei weismart 1 Sep in Boating 0 Comments 53 Views

If they could make the numbers rise to the point that WOW TBC Gold they had to squish them to be more understandable, that was a pretty clear indication that the game had run its course.

I've been playing with FF14 and it's looking perfect. I was an avid fan of FF in the past, however my enthusiasm for it has decreased as time passes. While I play it nearly every day, I seldom spend too long. I'm not totally involved in the game as of yet.

My biggest issue so far is that it seems I've done a lot of playing around and reading, but not much other. Still only at level 13 but I'm hoping that it becomes more enjoyable as I level up.

The story is told between 20 and 22. You get a mount to fight your first primal, and you receive an rider. From there , it's fairly good until the point at 50 . The story bounces around and down a bit depending on patch and xpac. The content is entertaining however at times it's not entertaining. The mini games and other activities are enjoyable, but you'll need to play around 30 to start those

Pretty much how I feel as well. I'm sure there are many who enjoy it but it's no substitute for WoW. The fact that it's The Other Big MMO doesn't necessarily mean everyone must play it to fill the void.

My boner was off balance by this. You're being chased all over the place for seemingly insignificant reasons. Tele here, one line of text, and then tele return to the place you started. Repeat for 35 levels. In addition to the poor combat it is a tough to sell. Take all this and tidy up the fight, and you have an absolute WOW-killer.

It's funny that they've cleaned it up , they did away with most of the base game sludge. Personally, I'm not a fan of the game at all and played it quite little, but I do not have time to raid with friends anymore.

I'm pretty sure I spent more time in teleporting on the map than engaged in combat between 1-50. While the story may not be any less bad, but when all you're doing is clicking the quest location and then teleporting, what's the point. In earlier WoW there were certain quests that required you to go back and forth across the map, but can you imagine the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold entire main story of wow sending you from strangle thorn to the south shore on every quest for 50 levels? You have 2 buttons that let you initiate a massive gcd whenever you've entered combat.