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While I would love to submit my suggestion directly to Runescape

by Nfkja sfas 30 Jul in Entertainment 0 Comments 52 Views

Al Shabim. This agreement should be taken to Al Shabim in Al Shabin Camp. The Bandit Camp. The Bedabin Camp. If caravans can be sent to him osrs infernal cape, without fear of bandit attack He will be happy. Ten bandits have to be eliminated by you when you head to the Bandit Camp. Al Shabim: The bandits won't be able to organize effective attacks for some time.

Awusah. Awusah will be available to discuss trade with Sophanem. He will agree, but also express concern that this may be difficult since the economy of Nardah is still struggling to rebound from the drought you cured. Discuss local resources and animals. Utilize the horn along together with Awusah to kill a Desert Goat. Then grind the horn in the mortar and pestle. Finally, create an Combat potion and display Awusah.

Awusah - Oh, those horns could be used for something! Ali the Mayor. Talk with Ali at Pollnivneach. He will not agree to the agreement, since Pollnivneach is not able to do enough as it is to avoid the political machinations of the Menaphites and Al Kharid. Talk with Ali Morrisane at Al Kharid.

For 2000 dollars you can persuade him to stop selling Pollnivneach one day. Talk to Hassan at the palace about becoming an ambassador. As emissary, go to Pollnivneach in a Desert Disguise, and speak with the Mayor. The mayor will be more welcoming if you don't take off the disguise OSRS Fire Cape for sale. Al Kharid was ok with the disguise and needed a new market because a market figure had left them.