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10 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

by Anna Sharland 17 Sep in Other 0 Comments 36 Views

React Native is an emerging technology for developing mobile apps. This video will share ten reasons why you might want to consider React Native for your next project.

React Native is a relatively cost-effective way to increase a platform's speed and agility. Due to its exceptional characteristics, React Native has moved to the top of the mobile app development languages. Here are the reasons behind its popularity.

Why should you go for React Native Development?

1. Speed -Since React Native eliminates cross-platform issues, it's easier to move quickly from prototype to production.

2. Lesser development efforts -The React Native framework is capable of reducing your mobile app development efforts by 45 to 50%.

3. Superlative Performance -End-users of mobile apps using React Native get a native-like experience.

4. Community Support -React Native has one of the most active communities with nearly 20,000 stars on GitHub and more than 1,500 contributors on npm.

5. Create Stable and High-Performing Applications -You can add new React Native-based features, views, screens, and more in just a few minutes.

6. Cross-Platform -With React Native, you don’t have to make apps separately for different Operating Systems like Android and iOS.

7. Less Code -React Native makes it possible to create native apps on iOS and Android platforms with one codebase.

8. Cost-effective -Thanks to reusable code and ready-made components, you can cut the production time and cost in half.

9. Developing a Mobile App Based on an Existing Web Project -You can use React Native to construct a modular and intuitive mobile app from an existing web project utilizing the same backend code.

10. Flexible approach towards projects -React native app development gives you a platform to keep track of memory spacing and improve the efficiency of your application.

React Native provides you the feel of a native app without developing one.

So, if you want to develop a reliable mobile app,hire React Native developers based on your business requirements.